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    A virtual event like a TV show: KION Supplier Day

    For the second time, KION Group held its "Supplier Day" - the annual meeting of its most important supplier companies - virtually. After a year of pandemics and online meetings, it was clear: this had to be something special. And it turned out to be! 

    The location 

    A virtual event in front of a white wall may have been conceivable at the very beginning of the Corona pandemic. But in the meantime, even for online events, the location must be coherent and convey atmosphere. The world's leading provider of forklifts, warehouse technology and supply chain solutions KION Group - an authentic environment that was transformed into a temporary studio for the broadcast together with Zibert + Friends [live]. 

    The sequence of events 

    While the audience (the suppliers) sat in front of computer screens, the speakers were pretty much all on site in the studio - those who couldn't arrange it were tuned in, just like on TV. During the two-hour digital show, there was constant switching between live moderation, interviews, award presentations, video contributions and panel discussions. For this purpose, two complete sets had been set up in front of the cameras in the location: A standing table with bar stools where individual speakers could speak - and a talk area with lounge chairs for discussions with several participants. 

    The technology 

    The audience of around 400 came from 250 different companies - the top suppliers to KION's forklift division. For the technology this was a challenge - because naturally not all of them have the same software equipment. For us at K3 Agency, it was very clear: we had to use tools that worked on every device (whether cell phone, desktop PC or tablet) and were easy for everyone to use. That's why we relied on proven Microsoft products: MS Forms for participant management and MS Teams Live for broadcasting the event. 

    The look & feel 

    The professionalism of an event often shows in the seemingly small details - for example in the transitions between individual event formats. For this purpose, we from K3 Agency produced short video interludes: In a refreshing, contemporary look, underpinned with activating sounds. The visualization, a modern-elegant interpretation of interlocking gears, underlined the company's well-rehearsed cooperation with its suppliers in the best sense of the word. 

    The feedback 

    "This was a great, very interactive event," one attendee later wrote in feedback: "I almost had the impression I was watching a highly professional TV show." This was not just an isolated opinion. In a survey of all participants, the virtual event was rated with 4.67 out of a possible 5 points - a fantastic result. 

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