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    Web apps

    Search engines, messenger services, online shops or route planners: Web applications – in short, web apps – have become indispensable in today's world. The intelligent solution interacts with users via smart content and is available anytime and anywhere. On every internet-capable end device. And completely independent of the operating system.

    With the help of responsive web apps, we bring your products and services exactly where your target group is looking for them – whether this is on a smartphone, tablet or computer. From CSS and JavaScript frameworks to HTML, from a simple landing page to a highly complex web solution: we find the ideal technology for your purpose and budget and deliver your target group exactly the interactive, powerful web app you want.


    Our Web app offers:



    We test ideas with the help of mockups and prototypes, turning operating principles and design into hand-on experiences and then develop individual software with interactive elements.


    We analyze the actual and target state and develop individual strategies for a successful web app.


    We determine the USP, design the ideal web application for both the user and the provider and find solutions for potential problems before they arise.