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    Those who want to reach their audience need to find the right words – especially when it comes to corporate communications. Whether online or in print, whether for internal or external communications: it is not only a question of the right range of relevant topics, but also of wrapping them in a way that fits the target group. Vivid, engaging and always on point.

    To achieve this, we speak – and write – the language of the people you want to reach. And in doing so, we reconcile the CI-compliant wording of your corporate communications with the in-depth research of professional journalism and the speedy implementation of daily newspapers. Because no matter what the topic is: our texts hit the right note. From short and sharp to detailed and elaborate.

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    Before one can write, one must read first. That is why we deal intensively with our customers' topics, conduct research, use reliable sources, prepare content in an interesting and understandable way – thus becoming experts in new areas in no time.


    We are creating texts that inform, explain, move and entertain – for corporate blogs and websites, employee and customer magazines, trade magazines and many more.



    No clever questions, no exciting answers: Due to this conviction, we inform ourselves comprehensively about our interview partners and, thereby, detect topics that give conversations a new, interesting direction. At the same time, we adjust ourselves ideally to our counterpart – with the appropriate expertise in a wide range of fields, broad foreign language skills and the necessary tact and sensitivity.