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    E-Mail Marketing

    Cost-efficient and impactful: even if conventional e-mails have acquired near-dinosaur status within the digital marketing universe, they still achieve excellent visibility and conversion rates. E-mails are THE alternative to postal mailings and other forms of physical marketing. E-mails allow you to communicate directly, quickly and simply with customers, employees and others.

    Whatever you have to say, we’ll get your message across to the right audience – and at the right time.

    We ensure a coherent, end-to-end combination of copy, design and interactive features. And we make sure it works, and works well, on absolutely any device.

    And, above all, we secure out-of-the-ordinary open and click rates – by means of a focused strategy geared precisely to your target audience. And we measure and monitor the results, and fine-tune parameters as we move forward – to maximize the impact for your business.


    Our E-Mail Marketing offers:



    We write made-to-measure copy with genuine added value and develop highly engaging narratives; we inform, entertain and deliver an emotional impact.


    We create e-mails that are technically robust and reliable, and enrich them with effective copy and graphics. And we use tools to personalize newsletters, and deliver an attractive look-and-feel that means excellent open and click-through rates. We also analyze the corresponding tracking data to ensure continuous improvement.


    We ensure accurate address lists, update them continuously, and upload them efficiently to the most suitable tools.


    We send your e-mails to carefully selected target groups at regular, defined intervals, and generate transparent logs of sending activities.


    We create a look-and-feel that suits you and your business, and appeals to the target audience. And we always deliver alignment with your CI – and ensure support for any target device.