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    Content Marketing

    Digitalization has changed consumer behavior extensively. Before a potential customer makes a purchase decision today, he collects information – on the Internet. Via blogs, social media channels, videos, webinars, tutorials and surveys. Therefore, these days it is no longer just about selling a product or a service. It is much more about offering your potential customers the right content around your product. This means: You have to provide detailed information, authentic advice, and create a lasting inspiration – far from the mainstream.

    In content marketing, the user is at the center of attention. By supplying useful content, you create a basis of trust. This also increases your hit rate on search engines. You generate new leads, ensure stronger customer loyalty and a more positive image. To help you achieve this goal, we develop a promising content marketing strategy – tailor-made for you, your brand and your target group.

    Our content marketing offers:



    We define goals and target groups and conduct a first topic research.


    We always keep a close eye on the important key figures, analyze them constantly and are thus able to measure success directly.


    We transform the researched topics into tangible ideas and establish an editorial plan.


    We create relevant content for the respective platforms and post them after careful examination.