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    Virtual summit meeting 

    K3 implements international event with 500 top managers  

    How can you implement a three-day summit conference with 500 participants from Asia, America, Europe and Australia completely virtually - and in a way that all content is conveyed, but that the emotions, the feeling of togetherness and networking are not neglected?  

    This was the challenge we faced with our customer KION. The German MDAX-listed forklift and supply chain group held its "Executive Summit 2021" with 500 top managers completely virtually - and relied on K3 Agency for the technology.  


    Expectations were high, because KION’s head of communications, Michael Hauger, had previously taken part in a number of digital events himself, but they had disappointed him:

    A lot of it was canned, long-winded, or the technology was on strike.  I knew that we shouldn't try to translate our physical event 1:1 into the virtual world. Instead, we have to think anew."

    Think anew? We can!

    Key decisions:


    Instead of using specifically programmed software, we relied on a proven program that works smoothly every day in the homeroom office and is now mastered by everyone: Zoom. 

    Low barriers:

    Each participant received a PDF file with an individualized agenda by e-mail. All they had to do was click on the relevant link - and they were right in the middle of the event. 

    Entertaining formats:

    Each speech, even th the CEO's, was allowed to last a maximum of seven minutes. And there was plenty of variety: from short talks to impulse presentations, "news flashes" and award ceremonies. 

    Compact duration:

    The main formats lasted only two hours each on three consecutive days, at European lunchtime. This allowed U.S. and Asian attendees to dial in during regular working hours.


    In 80 workshops, up to eight of which were set in parallel, participants engaged in dedicated discussions on special topics in small groups.

    Live atmosphere:

    Nothing was pre-recorded, everything was live. The fact that one or the other participant's microphone sometimes went on strike made the format lively and authentic. 

    Professional moderation:

    A host led through the program in an entertaining way - and made sure that all 80 active speakers kept to the agreed times in front of their cameras in their home offices. 

    Personal touch:

    In the mornings and afternoons, the participants got involved themselves, offering each other virtual cooking lessons or playing a piano piece for their colleagues in the comfort of their own living room. 

    Entertaining breaks:

    International street musicians, who suffer particularly from Covid-related restrictions, performed live at the event: Sometimes a band played live from New York's Central Park, sometimes artists from Dublin or Paris.

    Virtual networking:

    In small "Fireside Chats" the participants could meet the board members for small talk - on one of the connected zoom screens a fireplace blazed. 

    Technical stability:

    A seven-strong support team worked in the background to ensure that all the live switches went smoothly and that the software was always stable. All speakers had been individually trained in advance in the use of the tools. 

    The outcome

    The virtual summit not only met, but exceeded the expectations of a digital event. And the best thing about it: In times of social distancing, it created an unexpected closeness between the participants. One attendee spoke up during the closing Q&A and expressed her gratitude for having had the experience of being part of a large community for the first time in many months. And another participant joked that the conference must have been "the precursor to beaming."


    We are proud to have helped organize the "Executive Summit 2021" for KION! 

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